eTrading helps Build a Better Business

Not many brokers would say 'no' to saving money while improving customer experience. Yet, when it comes to eTrading, many are doing exactly that. It's not for every customer, every risk or every broker. eTrading also isn't going to replace every other channel and it wouldn't be in the interests of insurers, brokers or, most importantly, our customers for it to do so. But many are missing out on a valuable opportunity. Here we bring out the benefits of eTrading home insurance, giving you the edge over your competitors.

eTrade and Build Better Business

Our three pillar strategy to help you win

Building a Better Business with eTrading


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The Benefits brought to life


Don't just take our word for it, here brokers have their say on the finer points of eTrading

An Underwriters view


Our man handling the complex referrals tells his story

The case for eTrading


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