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Helping you navigate the journey to a safer, stronger, more resilient business

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Proactive risk management is good for business and the bottom line.

So it’s encouraging that companies are increasingly focused on identifying and managing risks before these can negatively affect operations, finances or credibility. Our risk consultants work closely with commercial insurance customers – from corner shops to corporate giants – to reduce their risks across the spectrum, keep business moving, and safeguard their assets, people and reputations.

Risk events such as fires, machinery breakdown, adverse weather conditions, machine guard failure or even an employee tripping over can impact your people, your organisation’s facilities and physical infrastructure, and ultimately your customers. As well as damaging and destroying physical property or injuring employees these events have the potential to interrupt business operations, lead to material financial losses, and ultimately could damage your brand. 

We believe that most losses are preventable. That’s why we’ve built well respected in-house risk engineering and loss prevention teams, to design cost-effective loss prevention programmes, deliver value-added services and solutions, and share our data and insights to help you mitigate your risk exposures.

What we do

Analyse and evaluate

We'll gather information to systematically identity and assess your risks

Report and recommend

We'll help you gain clear visibility of your risk exposures and the actions you can take to prevent and mitigate losses to minimise interruptions to your business. We'll work with you to design practical, cost-effective and, most importantly, actionable risk management and control strategies


We will work collaboratively with you to implement solutions through the most appropriate combination of technical capabilities and services, including: workshops, seminars, training, change management programmes or continuity planning - though this list is by no means exhaustive


We will monitor the impact of the implementation phase, gathering intelligence that can feed into a cycle of continuous improvement

Analyse and evaluate

We'll gather information to systematically identify and assess your risks


A process of consultation will follow, to determine what change or improvements can be made to prevent losses and minimise business interruption

How we do it

Our essential starting position is to fully understand your business needs and future direction. This enables us to then share our extensive knowledge and provide targeted solutions that give you the right level of support without unnecessary cost or disruption, whilst being fully aligned to your business strategies. Our ambition is to work with you to develop a true partnership where we are integral to your business.

Our expertise is extensive, and everything we do is focused on protecting your business, freeing you to concentrate on what you need to succeed. Through our Risk Consulting team, international businesses can gain access to our dedicated risk engineers and risk control specialists worldwide, to provide the support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

A right-sized service

It’s important that our customers get the right level of support in a cost-effective manner, so we can deliver our consultative approach over the phone, through online self-assessment as well as face to face on site. For larger businesses with more complex operations, we will put a defined service team at your disposal, integrated with our underwriting and claims teams, so you can expect a familiar experience and centralised, consistent standards.

A flexible approach

We provide cost-effective, practical advice working flexibly to various standards – either to customers own existing ones for continuity if that’s important or we’ll also advocate and work with recognised standards if these offer a more relevant alternative for your business.

Is this service right for me?

Our consulting services are scalable for businesses of any size or complexity that want to:

  • Manage their risk profile proactively and pre-emptively to improve resilience, reduce future claims and minimise risk costs
  • Understand the likelihood and impact of diverse risks on operations to make informed decisions about programme adjustments and direction
  • Embed risk management within their culture.


  • Technical excellence, flexibility and pragmatism
  • Solutions that are right-sized for your business and risk profile
  • International expertise across a breadth of industry sectors
  • A defined, familiar servicing team for a consistent experience
  • Integrated with RSA's underwriting and claims teams for frictionless business with us.

Our tools and services

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Head of Technical Risk, Risk Consulting
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