Essential Information – Clearchoice Quotations

As part of Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), we have added Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) to our personal lines products on all software houses as well as adding a new document called “Essential Information” (EID) to schedules. The EID provides additional information which previously would have been included in the Policy Summary (but is not covered by the IPID).

We are writing to give you an update on the inclusion of the EID within the quotation documentation produced by the Software House: 

•             Acturis: EID was added to all schedules prior to the 1st October 2018

•             Applied: EID was added to the Statement of Fact on the 27th November 2018

•             CDL: EID was added to the Statement of Fact on the 12th December 2018

•             OpenGI: EID was added to the IPID pack on the  16th November 2018

•             SSP: EID was added as a standalone document by on 14th December 2018. 

A copy of the EID is in this link CLICK HERE. A copy has also been added to the RSABroker site.

For any queries, please contact Lynne Jamieson, Implementation Specialist, RSA Personal Lines, Conduct and Operations (Intermediated) email: or telephone 01403 234773

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