Counter Fraud Unit

Fraud is an unfortunate reality for today’s insurers, so a counter fraud solution is no longer an optional extra; it’s a moral, regulatory and financial requirement.

RSA is committed to identifying and eradicating fraudulent activity, helping protect those honest customers and businesses who are directly or indirectly penalised by the dishonest minority.

  • We are committed to continuous improvement, blending cutting-edge fraud detection technology with traditional counter fraud methodology by utilising the technical skill and experience of intelligence analysts, claims handlers and investigators
  • We have staff dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating application and claims fraud across all business classes
  • RSA has earned a market leading reputation, being widely recognised by the industry through numerous prestigious awards and our continued top quartile performance in the ABI annual benchmarking
  • RSA has led or actively participated in all major cross-industry initiatives such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), Insurance Fraud Register (IFR) and the dedicated Police Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).


To report an insurance fraud

  • To report suspected insurance fraud/dishonest claim, contact the Insurance Fraud Bureau on their Cheatline: 0800 422 0421. Calls to this number are free and you can remain anonymous
  • You an also report insurance fraud direct to RSA by calling our fraud intelligence team on 0113 2984829 during normal working hours
  • Read what the Association of British Insurers has to say about insurance fraud and how it affects all honest customers.