Tradespeople and Homeworkers

  • Designed to suit the needs of the self-employed, sole traders, small traders and home workers

Suits: SMEs

A competitive package of covers with generous and flexible limits designed to meet the needs of most sole or small traders.

Standard Cover

  • Public and products liability cover of £1m with an option to increase to £5m
  • Legal defence costs up to £250,000 for alleged breach of Health and Safety Act or Consumer Protection Act
  • Legal expenses up to £100,000 any one claim and £1,000,000 in the period of insurance for employment, prosecution, property, taxation and contract disputes. (Some sections have lower limits.)

And A Range of Flexible Options

  • Employers’ liability up to £10m limit of liability
  • Tools up to £5,000 per person with an option for theft from vehicle overnight
  • Business stock up to £5,000 for homeworkers storing materials at their own premises
  • Business equipment up to £10,000 for homeworkers' items not insured under Tools
  • Contract works up to £500,000 sum insured
  • Own plant up to £25,000 sum insured
  • Hired-in plant up to £50,000 sum insured
  • Personal accident for permanent staff for employment related accidents up to £35,000 for death and capital benefits, £500 per week for temporary total disablement and £200 per week for temporary partial disablement


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Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Hair and Beauty
  • Professional consultancy and catering
  • Carpenters
  • Plasterers
  • Electricians
  • Surveyors
  • Cake Makers
  • Accountants

Positive risk features

Factors we will take into account to make our sweet spots even more competitive.

  • Negligible or low food risks
  • Low claims frequency
  • Length of time in the business


Risks we would never write, or write only rarely forming a small part of a wider portfolio.

  • Individual risks with more than 8 employees
  • Policyholders with business premises
  • Working at height more than 15m or depth>3m
  • Contract works greater than £500,000

Claims Information


We express handle suitable commercial property claims worth up to £2,500. This means that we aim to conclude settlement within 24 hours* by collecting important information to validate the policy cover at first notification, and making payment by your customers' preferred methods.

*core working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Property Claims:
0330 102 4100
Liability Claims:
0330 100 6479