The majority of SME and Personal business is now traded electronically, which is why our integration with imarket is really important in allowing us to trade with you through your software house like never before.

Brokers are seeing more and more benefits in E-Trading – the best way to trade SME insurance products. RSA is committed to working with brokers in ways that improve both our businesses.

Imarket and what you need to do to start trading...

We know that speed and simplicity are key to better business for our brokers. So as part of our commitment to refreshing and enhancing our product and service offering, we're also developing new routes to market - such as integration with imarket. It's all about providing a simple and seamless way to access RSA. 

So what does this mean...

Well it's simple, our RSA products are available via your software house, so start selling!

If, however you have not registered RSA as an insurer, be sure to do so by following the Important Information link on our landing page, found here. Once registered, you will find an envied array of products on offer from RSA. 

Our offering includes:

MINI FLEET INSURANCE - Market-leading fleet solutions

  • Discover our refreshed SME Mini Fleet insurance, providing excellent standard cover and a range of improved features. Specifically designed for companies with fleets of between 2 and 15 vehicles, Mini Fleet provides cover for cars, vans, trucks (up to 44 tonnes), trailers and forklifts.
  • There’s also flexibility for renewals from 2 to 20 vehicles, and a dedicated team of underwriters available to answer any queries and support referrals.

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RESTAURANTS & HOTELS - Introducing RSA's Restaurants & Hotels Insurance

  • Our Hotels product is designed for small unlicensed hotels with up to six rooms.
  • Our Restaurants product is designed to fit the needs of small/medium sized restaurants with a capacity of up to 150 seats. The maximum number of premises that can be catered for under both products is four.

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OFFICES - Protect your workspace with our flexible Offices cover

  • RSA’s Offices product is specially designed to suit the needs of limited companies, partnerships and sole proprietors operating administrative risks and surgeries. It covers a wide range of risks including property damage, liability, business interruption, money and computer breakdown.
  • Our refreshed Offices product gives you more flexibility than ever to ensure that the cover provided meets your clients’ requirements, and you can now choose covers at quote, mid-term or renewal.

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SHOPS - Add or subtract a range of options to suit your clients' needs*

  • Specifically designed to suit the needs of limited companies, partnerships and sole proprietors operating small to medium retail businesses, our Shops package covers a range of trades including convenience stores, takeaway food outlets, clothing, cafés, coffee shops, and hair and beauty salons. 

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*RSA Online only February 2014

 PROPERTIES - One product. One solution. All under one roof

  • Introducing our refreshed SME property owners product, offering great standard cover and an enhanced choice of options. Specifically aimed at property owners who own or let one or more properties for a long term rental income, Properties now covers portfolios of up to 20 premises.
  • It also offers buildings sums insured up to £750,000 per premises for residential, and £2.5m for commercial or mixed-use and blocks of flats, so your customers can insure a mix of all three property types under one policy.

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TRADESPEOPLE & HOMEWORKERS - Outstanding Cover For All Sorts Of Trades

  • Specifically designed to suit the needs of the self- employed, sole traders, small traders and home workers, our Tradespeople offering gives you the choice of two tailored policies.
  • The Tradespeople product caters for construction and contractors trades which includes Builders, Domestic Plumbers, Electricians, and Cleaners. The Homeworkers product caters for manual and non-manual trades that run from home, trades such as surveyors, accountants, hairdressers and cake decorators.

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