Single Period Contractors Insurance

  • Contractors’ ‘All Risks’ Insurance

Suits: SME, UK and multinational corporations

Single Period Project Contractors ‘All Risks’ business provides an intelligent way to reduce costs for the property owner during construction. Our expertise in this field is used to protect high profile projects across the UK.

RSA provides Single Period Contractors insurance, (also referred to as Owner Controlled Insurance Programme when arranged by the employer), for projects of all shapes and sizes. 

For customers, we offer a guaranteed level of service including:

  • Nominated telephone lines
  • Initial response to quotation enquiries within three hours
  • Policy documents with contract certainty standards

Our Risk Management Service:

We have a dedicated in-house team of Risk Consultants and Risk Engineers located throughout the UK, ready to provide support whenever and wherever you need it. They have a deep understanding of the special risks associated with the construction industry.

Our risk engineering services include:

  • Full contact site surveys to fully understand the works and risks involved in construction projects
  • Desktop reviews and technical advice on construction design and methods to be undertaken
  • Project reviews
  • Post loss risk evaluations


  • 6.7.3A  - For projects involving new works – Contractor to arrange insurance in joint names of the contractor and employer on an ‘All Risks’ basis
  • 6.7.3B – For projects involving new works – Employer to arrange insurance in joint names of the employer and contractor on an ‘All Risks’ basis
  • 6.7.3C – For works consisting of refurbishment of or modification or extension to existing structures – Employer to arrange insurance in joint names with the contractor on an ‘All Risks' basis
  • 6.7.3C.1 – Damage to existing structures and their contents for Specified Perils – Employer to arrange insurance in joint names with the contractor
  • 6.5.1 – Non-negligence indemnity – Employer to arrange in joint names with the contractor

Getting the best quote for your customer:

Our proposal form guides you through the information required in order to provide the most competitive quotation. The following are the main points required:

  • Name and address of employer
  • Name and address of contractor
  • Address of contract site
  • Value of contract
  • Details of the nature of the contract
  • Contract period
  • Site security
  • A split in the contract value (Sub-Structure/Super-Structure/Mechanical & Electrical/Fit-out/Landscaping/Car-parking)
  • Schedule of works including GANTT chart

Existing Structures:

Where applicable we are able to consider insuring Existing Structures whilst undergoing refurbishment subject to the following information:

  • Value of structure
  • Age and condition
  • Construction i.e. Brick/Stone/Wood
  • Is building listed
  • Current use

Getting a quote:

Quotes are available using our proposal form, which can now be completed electronically

Did you know

We provide insurance and risk management to a significant number of FTSE 100 companies across a strong well-balanced portfolio.

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Claims Information

From our experienced team in Manchester we provide a specialist and dedicated service for construction claims. RSA advocates the prompt settlement of every claim.

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