Suits: Commercial, niche customers, affinity groups, trade organisations

Helping you make the most of specialist opportunities.

Schemes are an attractive growth opportunity – particularly in areas of untapped or under-exploited potential. A bespoke product for a niche or specialism can give you a unique selling point, and enable you to target a gap in the market to diversify your business or create a new revenue stream.

You have in-depth knowledge of your niche, but schemes are rarely a quick win: they take time to implement, establish and grow. Your scheme needs to be nurtured over the long term to build awareness and interest. And it’s vital to continually review the performance of business being written and fine-tune the proposition to deliver even better outcomes for you and your customers.

A partner that's as ambitious as you are

That’s why successful schemes start with partnering with the right insurer – one that shares your appetite and ambition to write the risks you’re proposing and puts the customer front and centre. One that will help you develop a compelling, well-supported scheme, and share responsibility fairly to create a thriving, profitable business over the long term.

At RSA, we’re enthusiastic about collaborating with like-minded, progressive brokers and complementing one another’s expertise so we can grow our respective businesses through a meaningful and mutually rewarding partnership.

Our approach is based on three building blocks:


CIR Magazine interviewed John Dawe, Partnership Director for Delegated Business about the benefits of a scheme, what the journey likes, how we help keep you compliant and much more.

Here you can find out the answers.



Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Artisan sectors
  • micro-breweries
  • boutique distilleries
  • horticultural nurseries
  • clothing outlets
  • costume jewellers
  • artisan bakers
  • small heritage museums

Positive risk features

Factors we will take into account to make our sweet spots even more competitive.

  • Medium-sized risks
  • GWP > £250k pa or a growth plan
  • Low/medium hazard risks
  • UK based businesses
  • Limited or no exposure to listed buildings
  • High quality management information
  • Conduct risk awareness
  • Opportunity to add value to risk management

"We have an excellent working relationship with RSA. They are easy to do business with and have a can do attitude when it comes to risks outside our underwriting guidelines. One of the key points for choosing to work with RSA was their brand: clients know and trust the name."


Gareth Houghton, Claims Manager & Care Team Manager, Bollington Insurance Brokers Limited


Katie Balme
Head of Schemes & Deals Development