Professional Indemnity (PI) Combined

  • Professional Negligence,
  • Breach of Contract

Suits: SMEs, UK and multinational corporations

Professional services is a dynamic, expanding sector – from freelancers entering the gig economy to established management consulting firms. So to help you grow your business in this lucrative market, we’ve strengthened and simplified our online Professional Indemnity proposition, PI Combined – now with more competitive pricing than ever.

Clear, concise, competitive

We’re committed to providing better and easier ways to trade Professional Indemnity insurance for individuals and businesses in an increasingly competitive market. Exclusively available to eTrade, PI Combined comes with a host of new and improved features:

Simpler and speedier sign-up

Quote and bind PI business quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively online, even for more complex business risks, so you can get back to what you do best: pursuing new opportunities.

Time-saving features

We’ve accelerated the process of capturing risk information with an innovative, easy-to-use trade selection tool, which guides you efficiently toward the relevant occupation. Plus, save time by auto-completing Limited company details just by entering the company registration number.

Cross-sell opportunities

Complement PI Combined with a range of modular, add-on covers for professional services, such as Office cover, Public Liability, Employers' liability, and Directors and Officers Liability, to increase lucrative cross-sell opportunities and deepen relationships.

Faster decisions

If you need a referral, get fast, effective decisions by phone or email from one of our specialist PI underwriters, who have a deep understanding of a wide range of professions. Or resolve queries online via our handy webchat facility to simplify the customer experience.

A wider net

We’ve increased our fee income levels across each profession to help you expand your addressable market, e.g. up to £1.5 million for accountants and up to £2.5 million for IT and media professionals. 

Compelling pricing

Given our appetite in this sector, we’ve simplified our PI pricing structure across the risk spectrum to bring you a competitive product, so you can pursue renewals and new business with confidence. 

Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Accountants
  • Business and Management Consultants
  • Engineers
  • IT and Media Professionals
  • Surveyors

Claims Information

Main claims number:
01403 232323