Personal Accident (Accident & Health)

  • Personal Accident,
  • Accident and Health,
  • Group Personal Accident

Suits: SMEs, UK and multinational corporations

We can help your customers protect their employees against accidents.

For the employer:

  • A great employee benefit to offer
  • Benefit levels to suit their choice
  • Flexibility on when they choose to insure employees; e.g. all the time or just for work related accidents

For the employee (At the employer’s discretion, they can pass the benefits on to their employees or their dependents.):

  • Financial security for when they need it most
  • No fault compensation
  • Costs of home and workplace adaptation following an injury


Did you know

25% of the FTSE 100 employers are insured by us.

Case Study

Cover helps evacuate customers from South Sudan during conflict

RSA’s customers were among the first to be successfully extricated after the airport was closed and a military curfew was invoked, potentially stra

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Lead Trading Underwriter
Scotland and Northern Ireland
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A&H Underwriter
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Claims Information

Our Accident and Health claims team deals with all aspects of A&H claims from a diverse range of clients including Universities, Police Federations and Charities who work and travel worldwide. We work in partnership with Capita Global Assistance (formerly known as FirstAssist) and Drum Cussac our medical and security specialists to ensure our customers are looked after if they fall ill, are injured or need to be repatriated or evacuated.

A highly experienced, market leading specialist team, we take a full cradle to grave approach to claims management, keeping our broker partners and customers informed at every step.

With over 200 years experience in dealing with Accident and Health Risks at RSA, and over 300 years in general insurance we’ve learned a thing or two, so you can be confident that we have the right expertise to manage your claims effectively.

Main claims number:
0345 075 5218