RSA is ready for IDD, are you?

With the deadline rapidly approaching for compliance, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a brief update on the changes and progress we have made for our commercial and personal lines products.

What is IDD?

The IDD is implemented across the European Union (EU) on 1st October 2018 with the aim of harmonising the way insurance products are distributed by applying a minimum set of standards for distribution across the EU. The requirements affect the way products are designed, reviewed and presented to customers.

Commercial Lines (CRS and GRS)

What RSA is doing to be compliant with IDD requirements by 1st October 2018? 

  • Delivering Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) for all products where consumers are covered and where we produce the documentation

  • Delivering Essential Information Documents (EIDs) (or an appropriate alternative in some cases) for products that will now have an IPID, and thereby removing the Policy Summaries for these products

  • Updating our in-scope online products in partnership with the relevant software houses

  • Briefing our teams on the IDD

  • Updating customer journeys for any direct business

  • Providing advice to our partners about the IDD requirements. 

For any queries around IDD, please contact your RSA representative

Personal Lines

In terms of RSA documents produced from RSA systems:

•We have replaced the Policy Summary with an Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

•Additional information to accompany the IPID is provided by updated wording in the Policy Schedule

In terms of RSA documents produced from Software houses:

•We are on track by 1 September 2018 to have completed the roll-out of the IPIDs

•We are on track by 1 October 2018 to have Additional Information to accompany the IPID and this will be provided in an Essential Information Document (EID) which has been, or will be added as an additional page to the Policy Schedule*

•We are on track by 1 October 2018 to have removed the Policy Summary*

*SSP delivery of the EID and the removal of the Policy Summary will not happen until mid-October 2018.

To ensure you get the right service, we have briefed all our staff on the IDD changes and where applicable, we have revised IVR messages. There is still a little more work to do on the IVR message and this will be completed by 1 October 2018.

For our Delegated Partners where RSA own the Policy Wording, we have delivered an Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) to replace the Policy Summary and have shared our Essential Information Document.

For our Delegated Partners where RSA do not own the Policy Wording, we are in the process of confirming the approach taken by them and sharing the approach taken by RSA.

For any personal lines queries around IDD please contact Lynne Jamieson our Implementation Specialist on email:


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