Managed Vacant Portfolio

  • Vacant property security

Suits: Property owners

By opting for our security and protection services, some of the many problems associated with empty buildings can be avoided. You can trust our Managed Vacant Portfolio team to look after empty properties when your clients are not around. There is no easier way to manage risk, with all our services tailored to meet their individual needs.

When a property is left unoccupied for any length of time, there is always a risk of damage. Intruders, fire, a burst water pipe or natural disasters like flooding can wreak havoc in a vacant building if an alarm isn’t raised immediately.

We work with VPS, the vacant property specialists, to provide a highly competitive range of property services. We will inspect properties and recommend how to improve security. With a SmartAlarm system fitted, your client will be notified immediately an intruder, smoke or flooding is detected. Regular vacant property inspections and short notice Emergency Response teams can provide an additional layer of protection and security.

Our Managed Vacant Portfolio Services are available all over the world, helping your clients maintain the value of their property and meet the conditions of their insurance. Now you can add real value to your own risk management services through our Managed Vacant Portfolio team. Together we can provide your clients with a whole new level of support.


  • Comprehensive review of internal and external site risks
  • Live on-site reporting via field device
  • Security integrity
  • Reporting of hazards on-site
  • Utilities reading and monitoring
  • Overall site condition
  • Inspections stored on VPS client portal


  • Advanced alarm technology providing instant detection of intruders, smoke and flooding
  • Battery powered
  • Wirelessly linked to 24/7 manned monitoring control centre
  • Security response


  • Property Security Risk Assessment carried out within 5 working days of vacancy notification 
  • Site specific recommendations

  • £770m

    Theft of metal from vacant property costs approximately £770m a year in the UK.