Hull and Machinery Regional

  • Hull and Machinery,
  • Loss of hire,
  • Construction,
  • Increased value

Suits: UK Corporations

Give your customers the right cover for their vessels.

We are able to provide tailored cover for UK domiciled customers using either of the following options.

Hull Solutions

Our new policy provides cover on an ‘All Risks’ basis and does not incorporate any Institute Clauses within the wording. Written in plain English, the Hull Solutions policy provides a clear and effective alternative to the traditional Hull and Machinery policies that refer to ‘Institute Clauses’ which can be difficult for non-specialist marine brokers to decipher.

Institute Time Clauses

This is our traditional Hull and Machinery product with cover based on the Institute Time Clauses and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of clients.

Both options include physical loss to the vessel cover as well as cover for liability to third parties on request.

Type of vessels

  • Craft operating on inland and coastal waters of the UK such as workboats, tugs, barges, supply boats, research vessels, cargo vessels, passenger ferries/vessels, windfarm support vessels, dive support vessels, RIBS, pollution control craft and smaller harbour craft
  • Ocean going (blue water) hull trading internationally: Cargo vessels/bulkers, workboats, tugs, dive support and crew transfer vessels

Type of customers

  • Tug and harbour operators
  • Surveying companies
  • Councils
  • Boating clubs
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Police, fire and water authorities
  • Public and private tourist/sightseeing operators
  • Engineering companies
  • UK based commercial vessel builders
  • Ferry operators
  • Cargo vessel owners and operators
  • Windfarm, oil and gas industry support
  • Workboat operators
  • Inshore fishery and conservation authorities
  • Environmental service companies
  • Commercial boat yards

Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Working craft with gross tonnage of under 5,000 tonnes
  • Inland and coastal craft
  • Ocean Hull
  • Research and survey vessels
  • Windfarm, oil and gas industry support


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Specialist Senior Underwriter (Regional Marine - Transportation)
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Steve Gayward
Specialist Senior Underwriter (Regional Marine - Transportation)
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Tom Washington
Specialist Underwriter (Regional Marine - Transportation)
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Specialist Underwriter (Regional Marine - Transportation)
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Claims paid promptly

  • Prompt settlement of every claim and timely payments to ensure your clients can keep moving.
  • International network of claims agents representing us across the globe, making sure if something does go wrong, we have local support to keep your clients business moving.
  • Dedicated in-house Recoveries and Risk Management team able to provide advice and guidance through any aspect of your policy or claim.