Global Consulting

  • International risk engineering and consultancy services to protect your clients' business operations and reduce - or even eliminate - the frequency and severity of any claims losses.

Suits: National and International Corporations

Preventing business damage and reducing financial loss is critical to your clients. That's why we offer specialist risk management advice and guidance based on an in-depth understanding of the unique risks associated with different industry sectors. Our work has no international boundaries: we go wherever and whenever we are needed. Your clients benefit from cost-effective loss prevention solutions, developed according to their specific needs.

We are one of the largest in-house risk consulting teams providing risk engineering services to a diverse range of major UK, European and Global clients across a variety of industry sectors.

We specialise in the identification, development and implementation of solutions for our clients to manage and eliminate risk exposures to support their overall business strategy.


  • Industry sector expertise
  • In-house technical training for consultants to ensure consistent delivery
  • Exposure identification through site-level audits
  • Development of cost-effective risk reduction solutions
  • Broad skill base covering property, business interruption, liability, construction, power/engineering and fleet risks


  • Innovative, on-line risk evaluation database to gather and analyse data - RSAred
  • Quality rating via the use of our risk management scoring system for internal benchmarking improvement mapping and market overviews
  • Pro-active recommendation follow-up and support to help with site and account-level risk improvement and exposure reduction


  • Risk engineering reports
  • Quarterly risk engineering meetings
  • Annual risk management strategy documents outlining exposures and risk reduction objectives and solutions
  • RSAred available for use to analyse data and run management reports

Global Consulting is particularly appropriate for the following sectors:

  • Food and drink
  • Engineering and metal working
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail, hotels and leisure 
  • Real estate
  • Printing, pulp and paper
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Power generation 
  • Energy, including renewables
  • Electronic, communications, technology and media