Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL)

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Increasing environmental regulation means that businesses need to be more mindful than ever of the financial, legal and reputational consequences of dealing with a pollution event, as well as their social and ethical responsibilities.

Whilst the ‘Polluter Pays’ principle exists, environmental liabilities are often passed to current property owners, who find themselves being held responsible for pollution or environmental damage for which they had no knowledge of and for which they had no control over.

Experience has shown that even operations that consider themselves as “low risk” can give rise to complex environmental issues and costly cleanup, which may not be covered under a Public Liability insurance policy.

Our bespoke Environmental Impairment Liabilities coverage includes:

  • Flexible deductibles
  • Annual and multi-year policies
  • Standalone policies or combined programmes
  • Historic and future pollution incidents
  • Gradual pollution cover
  • Liability arising under the Environmental Liability Directive
  • Own site clean-up
  • Third party clean-up and liability
  • Statutory liabilities arising from a regulatory authority
  • Business interruption
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Response

Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • £25m capacity
  • UK and Europe focus


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