Engineering Inspection Services

  • Plant inspection,
  • Machinery inspection,
  • Installations inspection,
  • Adherence to H&S legislation,
  • Prosecution protection

Suits: SMEs, UK and multinational corporations

Ownership of RSA’s Engineering Inspection & Consultancy (EI&C) has been transferred to Inflexion Private Equity Partners and the new company is called British Engineering Services. This is an exciting development. Inflexion has a strong track record of investing alongside management teams, and RSA understands that through a tailored strategy, they have plans to develop the range of products and services that were offered by the EI&C business. RSA believes that this investment will greatly benefit EI&C customers.

Continuity of Service

We know that continuity of service is crucial to the integrity of your contract with us but we can assure you that you will not experience any disruption to your service. We have taken steps to ensure that the changeover is seamless, keeping you, your employees and your business, safe.

Your previous EI&C contract has been transferred to the new company on the same terms as you enjoyed with RSA.

All RSA EI&C staff have transferred to British Engineering Services, so your current contacts remain the same. The RSA Management Team, led by Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Kay, also remains the same.

To ensure continuity of service, RSA is delighted to announce that British Engineering Services offers engineering products directly to you. This means that you can continue to buy your engineering insurance as a combined offering with inspection services.

All engineering insurance products will be underwritten by RSA and any current policy held with us, will remain unaffected.

The British Engineering Services website can be accessed here.

If you have any questions, please contact your usual RSA Broker Development Manager, or the following contact from the British Engineering Services’ Sales Team:

James Fone, National Broker Sales Manager

T: 07833 057 178