Cyber Protection

A solution to mitigate and protect against emerging cyber threats

Most organisations have a critical reliance on information technology to conduct their business. Every aspect of our lives is increasingly affected by the generation, transmission, storage and analysis of vast amounts of data (both personal and commercial) and a reliance on the infrastructure (both tangible and intangible) that supports it. This Information Technology (IT) revolution has produced many benefits, however, some of the characteristics that make it so powerful—remote access, scalability, processing power and anonymity—are also the reasons why its such a lucrative arena for criminals to operate in. But malicious activity is only part of the problem.

We are all prone to making mistakes from time to time and when we do, human error has the potential to affect critical IT infrastructure and the impact can be catastrophic. Cyber Protection from RSA covers all the typical costs associated with a cyber event, but importantly it also provides a 24/7 incident response capability (supported by partners Crawford and Company) that supports and enhances an organisation's own crisis management and response capability. RSA can provide capacity up to a limit of £25m and our policy offers worldwide cover. We can also offer risk assessment support by our partners Deloitte. For more information, contact

A bespoke solution to mitigate and protect against cyber threats


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