Commercial Property claims

From express settlement of straightforward property claims to more complex claims requiring specialist handling, we understand the impact a property claim can have on your customer’s business.

Effective claims solutions

  • Express claims handling for claims up to £5,000
  • Live streaming video call for claims between £5,000 and £10,000 for a real-time interaction between the customer and our specialists
  • Working with you to ensure claims handling is tailored appropriately
  • Nominated claims handler for each claim who manages the claim end to end
  • Focused on settling claims as quickly and as fairly as possible
  • Response to new claims notification within three hours and action plan delivered within 48 hours, advising next steps and agreed progress updates.

 The right expert on your claim

  • With direct access to decision makers from our highly experienced team, we respond effectively when things go wrong. For you this means minimum disruption and things get back on track quickly
  • Our own in-house loss adjusters, will take ownership of any claim and will deal directly with you to arrange visits and agree settlements
  • Our bespoke supply chain service gives customers access to a large network of vetted suppliers, who provide a range of property services at a competitive agreed schedule of rates.

Emergency Repairs – Out of Hours Support

Should emergency repairs be needed to your property, we will put you in touch with a tradesman from our carefully selected panel. You will have to pay the cost of any work done but where the damage is caused by an insured event, you can of course submit the cost as part of your claim. If the damage is of a significant nature, we will put you in touch with our loss adjusting service.

Claims solutions for multinational insurance programme

Through our global network of RSA offices and established network partners in more than 170 countries and territories, your customers can be confident of trading wherever they choose to operate across the globe and, wherever the claim occurs in the world, we’ll help your customer to get back on track quickly.

In-house Loss Adjusting Service (LAS)

  • Providing you and your customer with a fast, efficient service and offering impartial advice to agree the best course of action for each claim
  • Our office-based loss adjusters utilise their expertise and video technology to deliver swift assessment and settlement of suitable losses typically up to £10,000
  • Field-based commercial property adjusters carry out face-to-face on-site assessments for higher value and complex losses
  • Our LAS team has instant access to RSA Underwriting teams and policy details enabling them to make quick claim decisions with the ability to authorise prompt claims payments to customers to help with cash flow for their business.

Major and Complex Claims – typically exceeding £100k in value

Claims above a certain size and complexity need a different, often project managed approach. Our Large and Major Loss claims handling team is made up of our most  experienced claims specialists with the skills  to manage major events and protect your customers’ financial and reputational interests. 

Pre-Loss planning and access to our risk management service

We’ll work with you and your customers to plan for serious losses with potential high impact to their business. Our technical claims specialists will consider a potential high impact loss scenario, discuss how the policy may respond in the situation, what action we as an insurer may take and if necessary what risk controls could be taken to prevent the incident ever taking place. 

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is made up of a comprehensive range of reliable service providers, from drainage experts to validation and replacement of content items giving your customers access to a large network of vetted suppliers, who provide a range of property services at a competitive agreed schedule of rates.

We ensure that our suppliers are meeting our challenging service level targets and delivering for your customers by monitoring each claim using a unique web-based platform to track both progress and costs.


Our Counter Fraud specialists blend cutting-edge technology with traditional identification and detection methods. We are instrumental in cross- industry initiatives and at the heart of all industry forums enabling us to provide intelligence and insight, raising awareness of the impact of fraud and the steps that can be taken to protect you, your customers, their reputation and their premiums.


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