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Suits: SMEs

Our eTraded Cargo policy specifically designed to meet the needs of UK based SME businesses that import and/or export goods and materials worldwide. Cargo eSolutions provides an annual cover for all such sendings, keeping your customers’ businesses moving should their cargo be damaged or lost while in transit.

We recognise that there is a need to handle the requirements of smaller (SME) customers in a cost effective manner, whilst securing the benefits of a market leading proposition.

This is why our Cargo eSolutions product is available both online and via the Acturis system, to provide a quick and competitive solution for you, whilst giving you confidence in knowing that your customers' interests are still valued. You can obtain quotes, hold cover and issue documentation throughout the life of the policy in the comfort of your own office.

We don't want to lose contact with you just because you may be transacting business through our eTrading propositions. You should take comfort in knowing that there is a dedicated team of underwriters to help you with any queries regarding online business, or to handle any risks that do not fit the online parameters.

We recognise too that you may have customers that only import or export cargo on an occassional basis and as such an annual policy may not be the most cost effective option for them. So we have an online option that meets these needs too - Cargo eSolutions (Single Transit) Policy.


Cargo eSolutions provides an "All Risks" cover for all your client's cargo moving around the globe.

The provision of cover on an “All Risks” basis reduces any confusion or anomalies that may occur due to application of the Institute Cargo Clauses.

Sweet spots

Examples of where we have a particularly strong appetite, are actively targeting, and have been found to be at our most competitive.

  • Textiles & clothing
  • Machinery & Plant
  • Electrical goods

Positive risk features

Factors we will take into account to make our sweet spots even more competitive.

  • UK domiciled risks
  • Experienced importers/exporters
  • Long term relationships with suppliers, customers and shipping companies
  • Internal Risk Management capabilities


Risks we would never write, or write only rarely forming a small part of a wider portfolio.

  • Specie risks
  • Cash, bullion and the like
  • Non UK domiciled businesses
  • Fine art, antiques
  • Stock - although this can be e-traded via the Acturis platform or covered by our Cargo Throughput Solutions Policy
  • Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc

Did you know . . . . .

Higher rate of commission: 35% instead of the current 25% for Cargo eSolutions from 9th January.


Marine Portfolio Underwriting Team
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Alison Latham
Marine Senior Underwriting Assistant
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Nicola Mawdsley
Marine Senior Underwriting Assistant
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David Wylie
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Claims Information

Our dedicated Cargo Claims Team provides an experienced and proactive approach to handling Cargo claims quickly and efficiently. Our global network of claims settling agents ensure full support throughout the World. A full list of our settling agents is available from this page. 

Whilst some cargo claims can be complex and require significant involvement from a number of parties, our ONE TOUCH facility has been designed to fast track small value cargo claims up to a maximum value of £10,000, speeding up the consideration and settlement process by asking for only essential and limited information required to bring the claim to a satisfactory conclusion.

We have a simplified claim form to help collate the required documentation in order for us to give small value cargo claims the "ONE TOUCH" approach.

  • Customer friendly claims form
  • Ideal for clients who have a history of small losses
  • Quick turnaround
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Telephone conversations, no prolonged written correspondence
  • Acknowledgement and settlement details confirmed within 2 working days from receipt of the claim
  • Settlement cheque issued within 5 working days from receipt of the claim
Cargo Claims Team telephone number:
0161 235 3908
email the Cargo Claims Team @ :
RSA Marine Claims Department
6th Floor
17 York Street
M2 3GR